Case histories

The place to pause for a modern openspace

“STAR HUB” is a modern coworking space, promoted by the Autostar Group inspired by its 360-degree innovation mission. Up to 50 workstations are housed in this 400 square meter work and research habitat – open to changes in the world of work and contemporary lifestyles and which can also become a place for events, meetings, workshops and photo sets – in the kitchen, dark and enveloping, a place of pause and relax, the long common table in ash wood made by Tabula stands out, which crosses the whole space, while the coffered ceiling lets in natural light from above.

Location Udine
Species Olive Ash

A unique table for an exclusive restaurant.

For the most exclusive room in the Vitello d’Oro, historic restaurant in the heart of Udine, Tabula made a 5-metre long table in plane wood, destined for important dining situations. Visual Display, an interior design studio famous in Italy and abroad, chose the charm of the single piece for this entirely artisan-made item, to complement their project, conceived as an experience in the atmosphere and architecture of this venue, which opened in the mid-nineteenth century and is an icon of top-class cuisine.

Location Udine
Species Plane wood
Dimensions 5 meters