From the forest to the furniture

Tabula selects the trunks directly in their places of origin, from Europe to North America, and directly follows all stages of maturing and processing. It is nature itself that determines the size and shape of the finished table, with a process that enhances the signs of time, external agents and even peculiarities such as splits, erosions and burns, transforming imperfection into beauty.  Tabula creations are born in an industrious and creative work habitat, employing artisan techniques, dedicating many hours and lots of attention to each piece. Unique pieces that enrich every interior scenario with timeless values ​​and sensations.



Tabula stays with the customer throughout a process which begins with listening to needs up to an analysis of the spaces and interior designs, and is also on hand for inspections and meetings with private individuals, architects, designers and stylists, to produce tables and other items of furniture made to measure - tops for kitchens and baths, headboards for beds, panels for walls and so on.
Tabula can source rare and unusual woods to order, using its vast international network of suppliers, to meet specific requests from designers and collectors, always in accordance with laws on environmental protection.
Accessories - bases
Tabula offers bases designed for optimal coordination with the tops of its collection, always carefully crafted and with a high technical and aesthetic quality. Alternatively a base specially designed and made to order can be used.
Accessories - Maintenance
The Tabula care kit contains all that is needed to take care of wood in time. - Steel wool pad for removing any marks and scratches - Bottle of oil-wax finish - Cloth for applying the finish