Elm table


cm 90x245 H75


Graz. Stiria, Austria


180 years



An elm tree born almost two centuries ago and grown through daily changes and the great revolutions of history, in the green heart of Austria.

During the nineteenth century, elms were a widespread presence in all private and public parks, but in the early twentieth century they were decimated by a disease, graphiosis. That’s why this tree, planted in a private park between the years 1830 and 1840, could be considered an absolute rarity.

Created from the original shape of the tree, where a main branch joined the trunk, the crack is the salient feature of the table. It can be filled with resin to create a single plan, or it can be left open, to accentuate the powerful expressive force of a true protagonist: yesterday in an ancient park, today in a new interior landscape.

Elm wood top with wax oil finish.

Transparent painted iron bases.