8 good reasons why the choice is ethical

  1. 1


    Tabula only uses trees that have reached the end of their natural life cycle.
  2. 2


    The trunks selected by Tabula come exclusively from private parks and European forests managed according to criteria of eco-sustainability.
  3. 3


    Strong winds and storms, frequent now due to climate change, can make taller trees dangerous
  4. 4


    Tabula uses trunks which, due to their size or difficulty in working, are not used by the furniture industry, despite the value of the wood type.
  5. 5


    Machining maintains the natural shapes of the trunk, minimising wood rejects.
  6. 6


    Tabula brings new life to trees, transforming them into unique furniture items, made to last for very many years.
  7. 7


    The Tabula supply chain has very low environmental impact thanks to the use of manual techniques and environmentally friendly finishes.
  8. 8


    With Tabula creations nature becomes part of daily life and the table is once again a living element, around which we can meet, talk and cultivate human relationships.