Looking for fabulous décor for your home?

Our homes reflect ourselves, our personalities and our passions. This is why a table for the dining room or living area is not simply a piece of wood, it’s a modern banqueting table around which to gather with those we love and those who share with us a love of beauty, harmony and nature. A place to meet and chat – and Tabula’s creations have enthralling stories to tell, too!

Trees hidden for centuries under the bed of a river, scorched by lightning, split by time … stories as unique as every Tabula creation, in classic species such as oak, ash and walnut, or more unusual ones like fossil woods, yew, burl or olive ash, among others. Tabula can combine two or three planks with a layer of coloured or transparent epoxy resin, always respecting the natural shape of the trunk and ensuring a result of impeccable quality.

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