Do you own a venue, business or store?

If you want to make your business space unique and special, Tabula can customise creations, with wood from trees that have a fascinating history, found in ancient forests and noble parks. The appeal of a unique item, together with an entirely artisan-made creation, satisfies any requirement.

A table designed for key dining situations in a restaurant, a counter to enhance the display of products in a shop, the tasting bar of a wine shop or a winery, the reception or the meeting room of a company. In these, and in many other situations, Tabula creations bring the charm of wood and the value of craftsmanship to your space.

As well as the traditional, refined choices of oak, ash, elm, walnut, cedar and chestnut, on request Tabula can also source for your creations rare or unusual woods, such as fossil woods, yew, pear or olive ash. These are natural partners for high-level products and brands and always comply with international protection regulations.

Our services for you:

  • consultancy in the wood and furnishing sector
  • assistance with choice of materials and finishes
  • execution of client design or new design

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